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Through our Era of Healthcare Challenges.

Our pharmacy consists of Clinical Pharmacist with decades of experience in preparing and tailoring Parenteral Nutrition products. We work with all doctors in Ontario and we are specialists in finding reimbursement means to make your IV and non-IV therapies affordable or covered by available programs. We are advocates for patients. Working with Physicians and Nurse Practitioners and other key healthcare providers allows us to find the solutions that you need to have a Quality of Life. We are well versed in nursing practices, medical supplies for GJ Tubes, specialty compounded products and special access drugs from Health Canada.

Our accreditation with Accreditation Canada puts us among the leaders in Quality Healthcare Services.

Consults our pharmacists and staff today. We welcome all calls from hospital discharge personnel, physicians, and other key stakeholders to ease and simplify your daily life. This is what we do. We find solutions and we work with everyone to make Ontario Healthcare a positive experience.

AMT Enteral Feeding Supplies

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Concord Specialty Pharmacy:

-Accredited by Accreditation Canada

-Accredited by Ontario College of Pharmacists

-Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada

Our specialty compounding ophthalmic products are made with preservative-free eye preparations. We offer specialty compounding for IV medications and specialty compounding for capsules specific to the dosage needs of patients. We also offer specialty unit dosing for palliative patients and specialty infusion and medical supplies.

With over a decade of experience, our pharmacists have expertise in homecare and CCAC. We deal with all insurance plans, and dispense prescriptions with minimal waiting. Get your medication easily and quickly.

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Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday:   9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday:                          9:00AM to 3:00 PM
Emergency on Call:     24 hours

2180 Steeles Ave. West Unit 4
Concord, ON L4K 2Z5

Toll Free         1-855-738-5155

Toll Free Fax  1-855-738-5166





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