Souha Mourad
RPh, BScPhm, Pharmacy Manager

Souha has over 40 years of Pharmacy experience, specializing in community and hospital settings, both in the province of Ontario and Internationally. She has worked with CCAC case managers in the capacity of a: Clinical Pharmacist for IV referrals; Pumps and Supply Consultant; and as a TPN and Chemo Pharmacist for CCAC IV referrals. She has excelled at building a trusting professional relationship with CCAC Case Managers, Senior Managers and Clients.


Sue currently oversees the sterile and non-sterile compounding program at CSP, utilizing her extensive training gained through accredited agencies in the U.S. and Canada. Her welcoming personality along with her wealth of knowledge in providing Pharmacy healthcare exemplifies CSP’s team expertise and facilitates our desire to remain a highly motivated and caring patient-centered Pharmacy.


Sue is always readily available to answer any client inquiries regarding their current or future medication(s), chronic illnesses, blood pressure, diabetes, preventative health care techniques and recommend changes in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, she consistently strives to update her patients with information regarding new medications and therapies.     


Clients often refer to Sue as being approachable, professional, and above all else, committed to her patients’ wellbeing at all times.



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