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We Carry The Following:

Mini One Balloon G Tubes (Legacy and Enfit Styles)

GJet Tubes


8-xxxx- MiniONE® Feeding Set, Purple Adapter

8-0211, 8-0211-ISOSAF, 8-1211, 8-1211-ISOSAF, 8-1221, 8-1221-ISOSAF, 8-1255, 8-1255-H, 8-1255-ISOSAF, 8-2411, 8-2411-ISOSAF,8-2421, 8-2421-ISOSAF, 8-2455, 8-2455-H, 8-2455-ISOSAF


8-xxx2- MiniONE® Feeding Set, Clear Y-Port Adapter

8-0212, 8-0212-ISOSAF, 8-0222, 8-0222-ISOSAF, 8-1212,8-1212-ISOSAF, 8-1222, 8-1222-ISOSAF, 8-2422, 8-2422-ISOSAF


6-xxxx- Mini Feeding Sets w/Purple Adapter

6-0211, 6-0211-ISOSAF, 6-1211, 6-1211-ISOSAF, 6-1221, 6-1221-

ISOSAF, 6-2411, 6-2411-ISOSAF, 6-2421, 6-2421-ISOSAF


6-xxx2-  Mini Feeding Sets w/Clear Y-Port Adapter

6-0212, 6-0212-ISOSAF, 6-1212, 6-1212-ISOSAF, 6-1222, 6-1222-H,

6-1222-ISOSAF, 6-2422, 6-2422-ISOSAF


Enfit syringes and adaptors

TRN101 Male ENFit Adapter 10

TRN102 ENFit to Christmas Tree 10

TRN201 Female ENFit Adapter 10

TRN202 Bolus to Female ENFit 10

TRN203 Y-Port to Female ENFit 10

TRN204 RdgMd YPort to Female ENFit 10


TSD0406-10 AMT CINCH 10

TSD0406-10 AMT CINCH 50


Enfit Syringe 12 ml is part number b1848 and cost

Enfit syringe 35 ml is part number b1849 and cost $1.80 each.


1704 Non guidewire compatible Balloon stoma measuring device

1804 Guidewire compatible balloon stoma measuring device

Shower Boot

For information on the new 7 Pack, shower covers from McArthur Medical Sales click here or contact Concord Specialty Pharmacy where we will be pleased to answer your questions.  

Comfort Line™ Shirts

Jumper especially designed to accomodate tubing to avoid using adhesive on their delicate skin. Contains silver ions antimicrobial protection within cotton fabic and also comes in toddler sizes.

What is a G Tube?

A gastrostomy tube (also called a G-tube) is a tube inserted through the abdomen (into the stomach and small intestine) that delivers nutrition directly to the stomach.


  • This tube is used to vent your child's stomach for air or drainage, and/or to give your child an alternate way for feeding. You will use the J-tube to feed your child.

  • It's one of the ways doctors can make sure kids with trouble eating get the fluid and calories they need to grow.

  • Enteral nutrition can be obtained through either a gastrostomy tube (G-tube) or a jejunostomy tube (J- tube).

  • G-tube feeding can be done at regular mealtimes, called “bolus feeding”, or given slowly over a period of several hours using the “gravity or drip method” or “pump controlled method.”

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