"Sahar Whelan--she is my Pharmacist but also my hero, advocate and friend for life.  Sahar became my Pharmacist when I was ten years old this is when I received my first PICC line and started TPN.  When I first started at home on TPN I had an IV Pole and she had it painted pink.  By my eleventh birthday she came to visit our family and saw how difficult it was for me to go up the stairs with an IV so right away she got me mobile pumps which has given me more of a normal lifestyle at home and even going out.


Sahar always makes sure I am cared for she is constantly in contact with my doctors and working to keep up to date in maintaining my health care needs but most of all Sahar delivers something much more than medication and supplies.  She remembers my birthday, Christmas and pretty much everything else.  Concord Pharmacy and Sahar give 110% of themselves their patients. 


Sahar with you in my life you give me the courage to get through the day and I know I'll cope with anything that comes my way.  I believe Sahar is my Angel and protects me in every way.  She helps me to be stronger with each day that goes by.  She would never call herself a hero but you are to me."

-Katrina Edwards

Thanks so much to you and all of the staff at CSP for making such a great conference once again. As always, I learned many things and my family had a great time!


Thank you for all of your continued hard work!

-Gerald Lebovic

Our son Hunter was born with a rare disease and is completely TPN dependent.  Before we found Sahar, we were with another company who supplied his TPN and medical supplies.  They often made mistakes, and it was frustrating because we were completely dependent on them.  We finally found Sahar and the Concord Specialty Pharmacy (CSP) Team and our world changed. 


Hunter is now 10 years old and we have been with Sahar and her team for most of his life.  Sahar is an advocate for Hunter, having written letters so he could get on an airplane to travel, filling out forms for Health Canada for special access of different medications and having endless talks with us to find the best medications for Hunter. 


Sahar never treated Hunter like a number, she knew his name and his medical needs.  She took the time to get to know us as people, humanizing the field of pharmaceuticals.  Sahar has built a team that possess the same qualities and vision that she has and they all love Hunter as much as she does. I am proud to call Sahar a friend.

 The annual conference gives us the opportunity to meet other people who may be experiencing some of the same struggles. We have learned so much from other families and Hunter and his sister have attended the conference many times.

- Amy Muxlow

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